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Prep Co.

I spotted these in Tesco the other week and thought I'd SP them just to see how high they were... I'm always wary of things like this, they always tend to be high in hidden sugar and salt... Remember when you're working out the points for dried processed foods you need the nutritional information of the product 'as prepared' ... e.g. weight for one of these before you add water is only 68g - the points would be very low, whereas once the product has been re-hydrated it's 243g, it's how you should be pointing it... a mistake I've made many times and just something to be wary of... All of these are different weights when prepared so I've added those in too... I've tasted the mediterranean one and it was very filling... you'd easily get two good lunches out of one tub if you were doing chicken and lots of zero heros...  anyone else tried them out? x

Prep Co., Indian spiced lentils and rice, 246g - 10SP

Prep Co., Mediterranean couscous, 252g - 11SP

Prep Co., Mexican chilli rice, 243g - 10SP

Prep Co., Thai green curry rice & quinoa, 251g - 9SP

Self doubt...

Why do we always doubt ourselves? Why do we always think the worst, hide ourselves away and think 'sure I'd be rubbish at that' and not bother pursuing something that we might really love? Why? 

I'm as guilty as the next person believe me... with every blog post I think 'what am I on about?!' but I love doing it and whatever the trolls and haters think I let them... the only thing we should be doubting is how much we can actually achieve! The sky is the actual limit if you really believe it... 

If you really believe you can feel happy in your on skin, then the only thing stopping you.. is you!

It's not about calories, or scales or dress sizes... these are just some of the tools we all use to gauge how we're doing... the really success if looking in the mirror and feeling good about yourself and that takes lots of tools... when we doubt we can do it, we set ourselves up for failure... we give ourselves permission to stage dive off the wagon and use food to silence the emotions... 

So don't doubt you... doubt how far you can go!


Wind yourself up!

The bank holiday is over here in Ireland... we're all back at our desks and the sun is hiding again... Whatever happened over the weekend, it's done... we can't go back and change it, we can dwell on it and make ourselves miserable or we can rev up and just take it one step at a time... 

Wind yourself up today, give yourself 5 minutes to do a meal plan, a shopping list, text a friend and meet up for a walk... just don't let what happened last weekend ruin your week... 


Love Corn...

Spotted these in Tesco in the crisp/snack aisle.. I do love to loiter there and talk myself out of buying crisps (please tell me I'm not the only one!!!) Roasted corn snacks called Love Corn in three flavours... all 45g bags if you're looking for a savoury alternative... x

Love Corn, Sea Salt per 45g bag - 6SP

Love Corn, Habanero Chilli, per 45g bag - 6SP

Love Corn, Smoked BBQ, per 45g bag - 6SP

One for the nutters...

I have tried the salt and vinegar nuts in this range and they are WAY too easy to hoover down! I had to give the rest of the bag away... If you have self control, these are the savoury nuts in Tesco at the moment... x

Tesco,  BBQ Flavour coated peanut, per 25g portion - 4SP

Tesco,  Sweet Chilli Flavour coated peanut, 25g - 4SP

Tesco,  Salt & Vinegar Flavour coated peanut, 25g - 5SP

Tesco,  Sundried Tomato Flavour coated peanut, 25g - 5SP

Tesco,  Mild Curry Flavour coated peanut, 25g - 5SP
The full 200g bag... brace yourself.... 38SP!

Soulful one pots...

One pots are great when you're in a hurry, or you get home late, are hungry and don't want to hit the loaf of bread in your bread bin... These are in Aldi at the moment and whilst a little high for half a pot with zero veggies and protein you could have a pretty quick dinner in a few minutes! 

Anyone tried them out? 

Soulful Brazilian tomato & black bean with cashews & quinoa
per 380g pot - 14SP
per half pot - 7SP

Soulful butternut, lentil & spinach hotpot
per 380g pot - 15SP 
per half pot - 8Sp

Mexican bean & sweet potato with quinoa
per 380g pot - 9SP
per half pot - 4SP

Just start...

So you've had a bad weekend... you fell into the chipper and you accidentally remembered that Dominos is on your speed dial! The key to being happy in your own skin is not giving up on you... Start right now... plan a healthy lunch, go for a walk at lunchtime, write a shopping list for the journey home, plan your meals for the week... just start... start to care about you... start to be happier... you won't regret it x

Salad dressing pots - ALDI

These little 40g pots of dressing are a godsend if you're not the kind of person to use up a bottle and it's hanging in the back of the fridge for the summer! SPs are per pot! They're at the lunch stop part of ALDI where you buy the salad bowl, protein you like and then the dressing... 

Anyone else tried them out?


Raspberry dressing per 40g pot - 3SP

 Balsamic dressing per 40g pot - 5SP

 Asian style dressing per 40g pot - 6SP

 Avocado dressing per 40g pot - 3SP
(this is light because it's made with creme fraiche)

 Mango dressing per 40g pot - 3SP
I tried this one and I LOVED it... If you like mangos you'll love this! 

 Caesar dressing per 40g pot - 8SP
(cause there's cheese in there!) 

 Lime & ginger dressing per 40g pot - 4SP

 Honey & Mustard dressing per 40g pot - 6SP


I spotted these in Taste of Dublin a few weeks ago at one of the stands and managed to grab some pics... although I haven't tried any of their products out, they are available in Centras and Supervalu stores here in Ireland and all over the UK (you can find your local stockist on their website... you'll find them in health food stores too... x

Wheyhey Chocolate Coconut Brownie, 40g - 5SP

Wheyhey Chocolate Orange Brownie, 40g - 5SP

Wheyhey Chocolate Peanut Brownie, 40g - 5SP

Wheyhey Coconut Ice Cream
100ml - 2SP
500ml tub - 12SP

Wheyhey Salted Caramel Ice Cream
100ml - 2SP
500ml tub - 11SP

Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream
100ml - 2SP
500ml tub - 12SP

Wheyhey Vanilla Ice Cream
100ml - 2SP
500ml tub - 12SP

Don't stop...

We've all done it... got into the dress, made the communion pics better, got into that next stone bracket and then clapped ourselves on the back and marched off into the sunset thinking 'sure I'm brilliant at this weight loss lark!' Most people I know on this journey me included, never stand back and applaud ourselves... I'll never be a size 10 and I'm perfectly ok with that... but there are days when you're a bit stumped and you think 'feck it I'm never even going to make it to a size 18!' and we can't just be proud of how far we have come already... we should be! Today stand a little taller and remember where you were at the start line, even if the start line happened this morning... you've got plans, you're feeling positive about you, be proud that you're a mum, a great driver, a funny and fabulous friend... be proud of you! 

You write YOUR story...

Anyone got a saboteur in their life? Anyone got someone in their ear telling you 'You're FINE the way you are!' 'you don't need to lose weight...' 'You've always been the fun jolly one...' 'You'll just be miserable all the time with your diet food' ? Anyone?

When you decided to take the step to feel better about yourself, to take control of your health, you did it for a reason... Maybe it started out as 'getting into a dress for a wedding...' but when you feel better about you, and you feel in control no one has the right to push you off your pedestal and make you feel like you don't deserve more...

No matter when plan you're doing... Slimming world, Weight Watchers, Counting Calories, just making better choices and going for a walk every day... you're doing it for you... don't let anyone derail you... this is your journey... your life and you're in charge!

BBQ burgers from M&S!

A selection of the fancy burgers available at M&S at the moment... I had one of the 'skinny dogs' at the weekend and it was SO good! SPs per burger, and remember the weights vary from product to product... anyone tried em out?!


M&S, 'Our Best Ever Burger', 170g - 15SP

M&S, The Grill, Lamb Burger, 170g - 17SP

M&S, The Grill, Aromatic Salmon & Trout Burger, 75g - 4SP
2 burgers - 7SP

M&S, The Grill, Peppered Beef Burger, 114g - 9SP

M&S, The Grill,  Pulled Pork Burgers, 114g - 8SP

M&S, The Grill, Smoked Beef & Cheddar Burger, 114g - 8SP

M&S, Skinny Beef Burger, 100g - 2SP 
2 burgers - 4SP

M&S, The Grill, Skinny Beef Shish Kebab, 78g - 2SP
2 kebabs - 3SP
3 kebabs - 5SP
4 kebabs - 7SP

M&S, The Grill, Skinny Dogs, 100g - 3SP

M&S, Veggie Beetroot & caramelised onion 'not dogs', 80g - 4SP

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