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Where are you?

Ever stood in line to be weighed and looked at someone in the queue and thought 'what on EARTH is she doing here?!?!' 'there's not a pick on her...'  'Is she having a laugh?! Surely they don't allow people that skinny to join?!?!!'

Guilty as charged! When I first started my journey, I was super morbidly obese... not a label I'm proud of but I was in serious trouble, one foot was in an early grave... and even when I joined Weight Watchers THIS time (there have been MANY times!) I often wondered why some people were even there... My problem was obvious, it was there for all the world to see... my slow walk, my red face, the breathlessness... the constant apology for being on the planet and wasting everyones time... and honestly, I used to get frustrated when I saw people with only, ONLY, a stone to lose...  

But everyone is on a different journey... yes, we're all on the 'healthy eating, eat less, move more, be the best version of yourself' journey but we're all at different spots... Today, someone will be at the start line, doubting themselves, thinking they can't do it, dying inside that they have to share THAT number with another person but also hopeful that this will be the time it clicks for them, they'll surround themselves with positive vibes, they'll read the books full of motivation and feel like this is it... Someone else is half way there, fed up counting calories, points, syns, yums, macros, carbs... and are wondering if they'll ever see the goal posts... feeling like today, it's just too hard... and others are have the finish line in sight... the hardest bit, still plugging away feeling better about themselves, feeling happier about their bodies, catching themselves in the mirror and smiling instead of dodging every camera or person from high school in case they see how badly they 'let themselves go..' 

Everyone is somewhere on the path... but it's not a competition, you are where you are... and you might think that you are ahead of someone... or that you are behind others... but you're on your own path, and where other people are really isn't important to your journey... To someone starting you're an inspiration... to someone close to goal, they know exactly how you feel being half way there and how hard you've worked... and whether it's 10lbs or 10 stone it means just as much and is hard earned!

What's important is the people on the journey are there to support you and cheer you on when the wind is blown from your sails and that you can do the same for them... don't compare yourself to anyone else... you are you... wonderful, perfect, beautiful you and your journey is yours xxx


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    1. thanks gorgeous... gotta keep reminding ourselves x

  2. Hi, thank you so much for this post because I thought exactly the same thing on Sunday morning when I went for my weigh in. Got a bit dishearted because i stood still this week and another lady who started only 5 weeks ago have lost 1 pound less then I have over 12 weeks so didn't like her very much :-) I too have been here many times but I think after "meeting you" I will succeed this time, not sure what have changed but I feel this is the time.This is my path and the once who have 7 pounds or a stone to loose, well done to them because they have grabbed this in time before it got to bad. Oh by the way, I got talking to the lady afterwards and she is lovely :-) so here to this week and good luck to us all xx

    1. Oh that's lovely! I was the same... and you really don't know where people have started from... Do your journey for you... it's all about supporting each other regardless... i often hear people saying that one programme is better than another but I've tried loads and this one works for me... so other programmes will work for other people... I've met some fab people who are so motivating but aren't doing WW at all! You'll rock it! x

  3. I wondered about a woman in my group she just got back from 3 weeks in Greece and only gained less than a pound. Then the leader asked her how many years at goal it's almost 10 and did she take her trackers to Greece and yes she did. She has all her trackers over 500 of them.
    She works the program and reaps the benefits.
    I'm doing a little better since that meeting.

    1. It's amazing when you hear the story behind other peoples weight loss, it's so easy to judge people from a glance but when you hear they struggle too and work the plan it's an eye opener! glad you're feeling better about it! x


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