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Detox... Hold me!

By the time this post goes live... I will be 24 hours caffeine free... and probably hugging a chair in the corner... 

Hands up, I'm a coffee junkie... But a mindless one... I'll drop into an office to pick up some work and have a 'quick' cup, then stop for one on the way home because I won't make one as fancy as they do, once I'm home and settled... kettle on again... so last week I tracked my coffees and teas as well as my food and holy moly!!! ... Hence the Detox! 

When I worked in an office full time I was drinking up to 10 cups a day... again mindlessly... one before I left home, another once I got to my desk, one to catch up with the gossip in the kitchen... one out with the smokers to see what I was missing and before I knew it I was getting the shakes! So, I go cold turkey every so often and thought I share the tears this time round! 

Now I'm not giving up for good... I love coffee and sometimes it's all I need to give me that 'full' feeling when I'm just bored or I THINK I'm hungry... but I'm pretty sure the headaches I've been getting are from caffeine overload and as much as I love a cup of tea, coffee is my thing... milky coffee... the fluffy latte kind... that ALWAYS come with a biscuit or a piece of choccie... *drool* .. yeah its time for a break... its not me coffee its you! Plus I think its good to give your body a break from certain foods sometimes, a week without bread or chocolate or crisps can do you the world of good... I gave up milk last year for a month and noticed a huge difference! So if you think you might have an allergy or an intolerance... its worth giving your body a little break from what makes you feel bloated or unwell... 

So what am I going to do without it, apart from weep ... well I already drink lots of water but I'm gonna need a little 'fix' ... 

My morning starts religiously now with lemon tea... its my kick off every morning on the way to the pool or the park... so I've upped the lemon quota in the weekly shop... 

Tip: if you can't find unwaxed lemons (they're a bit more pricey... I have NO idea why!) just boil the kettle... get a bowl and dunk your lemons in there for about 20 seconds to remove the wax on them and you're good to go... you'll see the gunk floating on the top of the water... its not pretty! 

I'm also indulging in some detox tea... just to see what its all about... I'll do a follow up post on all these 'alternatives' I'm trying out and let you know how I get on... as well as some standard peppermint and green teas... 

I'm also going to introduce some 'healthy teas' into the mix once week one is over... These are organic teas mixed with fruits and Ginseng so its all the good stuff ... again I'll let you know how I fair in the follow up post! eek! These can be found in Boots, Tesco and Holland & Barrett...  I'll instagram them as I try them too, so keep an eye out on the side bar for those... 

and if you're a real coffee/tea lover and are in Dublin on the 12th/13th of this month then check out ... 

not just for the teas and coffees but there's a 'food village' where I KNOW the Dublin Cookie Company are at... and lots of other Irish companies showing their wears! 

aaaaannnndddd my come back mug is all set to go in 12 and a half days time but who's counting! Apparently coffee soup is cheating!! pffft!


  1. Fair play! I'm not a huge coffee drinker but if I'm passing a Starbucks I love a caramel frappe which is of course calorific:( Most of the time I stick to water with sugar free mi wadi in it!

    1. Oh I'm the same! Can't wait till its over! LOL

  2. I used to be such a coffee drinker, then I started getting the shakes from time to time, so I cut it right down. I tend to go for periods of time without any caffeine myself too - but I do still get the craving! I started drinking decaf cappucinos too, and they are actually a real treat, if you get a good one! Good luck with the rest of the cold turkey period. I'm curious to see how you find the lemon water too!

    1. ooh You'll have to tell me the good decaf coffee... all the ones I've tried just don't cut it! Lovin the lemon tea in the morning! The headaches are gone but I'm looking forward to my first coffee! LOL


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